About ACS Group

ACS Group was founded in 1986 as a sole proprietorship servicing clients with their database and information system development needs. During those days before the internet, many companies were just getting started using computers and they hired ACS Group to design and develop information systems to manage their data. At that time, ACS Group’s founder, Ken Mozlowski, conducted public seminars and taught classes at the University of Washington on the design and development of database applications.

Within the next ten years, ACS Group incorporated and expanded its staff and offerings to include web site design and development as part of its core services. As an early adopter of using the web for business purposes (remember the days when AOL sent you those disks in the mail for free internet with dial up modems), ACS Group was hired by businesses and organizations to use the web to enhance or improve business processes and operations. During that time, very few tools existed like today to assist with design and management of web site layout and content, pages were hand coded and not very pretty with limited functionality.

Continuing with its core expertise, ACS Group maintained its technical expertise in database and application development using a variety of web programming languages during the next ten years, but also greatly expanded its offering in web design and use of graphical systems on the web to provide good looking as well as functional web sites and applications. We were hired by companies, mostly small to medium businesses, to port desktop systems to the web as well as build world class web site experiences for their users and prospective customers.

Seeing the Client’s need for using the Internet for marketing purposes particularly via the Search Engines, ACS Group formed its SEO Division, SEO Panda, in order to provide a separate and distinct brand to its proprietary SEO Program, SERG to the TOP. After extensive research of existing search ranking programs, ACS Group decided to develop its own tracking system, SERG, or Search Engine Results Gap reporting. Visit our SEO page to find out more and watch the video which describes the Program in more detail.

ACS Group has two offices, one in Southern California in Del Mar and its main office in Bothell, WA. Throughout ACS Group’s, now almost thirty years in business, our philosophy and approach to helping clients has remained the same. Create applications, web sites and marketing for clients tailored for their needs to accomplish their goals and objectives not just to meet the current trends or latest technologies.

Trends in web design and database technologies have come and gone in the past thirty years. However ACS Group has remained steadfast in its goal to make technology, software, and the web work for your needs not because it is cool or trending, rather because it improves the lives and bottom line of our clients. We take the time to listen and understand your needs and then translate those into solutions that will make your company more efficient and to grow and prosper.

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