Mobile Development Services to Power Web Sites of Today

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Responsive Web Sites

Having a responsive web site allows mobile users to easily view your content on any device. With so many different phones and tablets being available, this is extremely important.

Sites that are created using responsive web design techniques adapt based on the screen resolution, size, and orientation of the user’s device. The end result is that your site is completely flexible and compatible with every mobile device on the market.

ACS Group designers and developers will make sure that you will never lose a potential customer because of incompatibility issues again because your site will have an optimum layout for each and every visitor.

Mobile Web Applications

Mobile web applications are essentially web pages that are designed to look and feel like a native application. The difference is that the user doesn’t have to download the application, as it is accessed through the device’s web browser.

These applications provide the user with easy access to a mobile-friendly interface, making it possible for your customers to browse your site quickly and efficiently.

ACS Group offers a number of different mobile web app options to meet your business’ needs and put you in touch with more potential customers through your mobile site or app. The goal is to make your website look great, so that people are happy to stick around longer and contact you when in need of your services or to purchase your products.

Dynamic Mobile Sites

People are more attached to their smartphones than ever before and this trend redefined the way that people shop. The days of traveling around town from store to store are over, as today’s consumers research through their phones.

If you don’t have a dynamic mobile site in place, you are leaving money on the table each and every month. Customers are looking for businesses like yours, but if your web site isn’t up to par, they will simply move on and take their business to the next site.

Our team of developers can set you up with an outstanding mobile web site that is sure to draw more traffic and, therefore, create more sales.

Mobile Ecommerce

Having the ability to make sales and accept payments through your mobile web site could be very important to your bottom line. This is because customers are often more likely to make a spontaneous purchase while browsing on their phones. In fact, over 50 percent of all online sales now come from mobile devices and that number is likely to grow even further in the coming years.

ACS Group can help you to generate more sales by adding mobile ecommerce features onto your existing site or designing an entirely new ecommerce webs site for your business. By accepting online sales, your business is sure to grow quickly.