Database Application Services to Power Today's Businesses

Our Work

Custom Applications

Since our beginning over 25 years ago, custom application development has been a core component of our information technology services. Although the technologies used in developing applications has changed tremendously over that time, the process and skills needed for defining and analyzing a clients needs, and then translating their requirements from functional prototypes to production ready applications has remained the same. Communication and agile development techniques have been key to our successful completion of 100s of custom application since our first day in the office.

We are experts on a variety of database and applicaiton technologies, MS Access, MySQL, MSSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, .NET, PHP, Java, to name a few

Database Development

Even simple websites today employ the use of database technology to store and display the contents of the site. Furthermore, if you require any type of web or business application that performs even the most modest functions, you will need a database developer to design, develop and implement the proper database structure for your needs.

ACS Group are database experts and work with a variety of systems and techologies from Relational client server systems, such as Access, MSSQL, MySQL to web based NoSQL, distributed databases, such as MongoDB, depending on your needs and requirements.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing and "the Stack" maybe the latest buzz words for developing and deploying applications, but ultimately what does that mean for your business.  The application experts at ACS Group can help you sort through what options are best for your needs.  For some, simple and fast hosting is all they need for their web presence, others may need the full spectrum of resources and architecture available in today's state of the art data centers.

The bottom line is: What can the cloud do for you to make you and your business more effective and efficient in today's competitive marketplaces? The fact is that data today is distributed across multiple devices, desktop, mobile, intra and extranets, and multiple data sources.  We can help come up with a solution that makes the cloud work for you not against you.

Software Development

More and more we live in a digital world and software is the currency of that world. Mobile applications, web software, plug-ins, javascript extensions, APIs, client server, and server side software are some of the types of software that your business uses directly or indirectly as part of your day to day operation. Are you taking full advantage of the software that you use or could be using?

What distinguishes ACS Group from other companies in our industry is that we have many years of experience working with companies like yours to optimize and customize their software accorrding to their needs. We understand the realities as well as the opportunities that come with software development projects and can bring those years of expertise to work for your organization.