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ACS Group Announces "STPro," a shipment tracking application for the freight forwarding, moving and storage industries.

Shipment Tracking Pro - STPro software has been designed and developed over the past eight years for managing Military International, Domestic and Commercial Household Goods shipment information.  Our base software package has a variety of modules including:  Shipment Survey, Registration and Booking, EDI / PowerTrack Billing, Shared Ocean Freight, Accounts Payable, Job Costing, Accounts Receivable, and Automated Shipment Tracing. 

Each software program we deliver is customized to fit the needs of our clients.  Although many of the features and functions are already programmed into our software, we can easily modify, enhance, and add to the existing software so that you have a database system that works for you.  Consequently our software is the best of both worlds, both package and custom.  It is software designed to work for you versus you having to work for the software.

For example, we have integrated our software with a variety of Accounting systems, so that our customers can maximize the use of our software for running their business while also minimizing the amount of duplication between accounting and operations.  Likewise our software is EDI and XML compatible, so that you can easily exchange data with your business partners, such as EasyDPS, PowerTrack, DP3, and overseas or domestic transportation providers.

Our software has been purchased by companies such as:  Dell Forwarding, Aloha Worldwide Forwarders, Dewitt Companies, Armstrong International, Pioneer Van Lines, Harbour Forwarding, Patriot Int'l Forwarding, Red Ball Forwarders, American World Forwarders and Deseret Forwarding Int?l to name a few.   

Some of the key features of our software include:


  • Shipment Registration and Booking
  • Automated Tracing of Shipments via Fax and Email
  • Automated EDI/Powertrack Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Shared Ocean Freight or Co-load Management
  • Cost Accounting Real-time Estimate versus Actual Cost Comparison
  • LOI Management for Military Shipments
  • Check writing, Accounts Payable and Vendor Management
  • Rate Filing CWT Calculations and Statistical Analysis of Shipment Data
  • Check Register and Revenue / Expense Accounting
  • Shipment Status and Critical Events Alert Notification
  • Web-based Shipment Tracking and Claims Filing
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