Web Site and Programming Projects: Industry Profiles

ACS Group has provided simple yet powerful web, database and custom software solutions to wide range of industries and applications.  Below is a summary of some of the work we have accomplished by industry.  Because of our wide range and depth of IT software project experience, we can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for meeting your project needs that can come only from designing, developing and deploying hundreds of business applications and web sites.

  • Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Services

    Unlike other health care services, the cost of drug rehab is often times not covered by private insurance.  With the cost of a 90 day treatment program ranging any where from $10,000 to $60,000 or more deciding on a drug rehab program is a major financial and personal decision.  Competition for clients is fierce.  Having an effective and persuasive web site that gets found and gets results is not a luxury but a necessity in today's drug rehab and alcohol treatment industry.  ACS Group website design and internet marketing service for drug and alcohol treatment web sites combines an in-depth knowledge of subject matter with practical and proven proprietary technologies to put you ahead of your competition.  ACS Group has developed both local and national drug and alcohol web sites and directories that include original design, content management, search engine optimization, and internet marketing for any type and size of rehab or treatment organization. 

  • Construction, Building and Engineering

    From small to large size construction companies, ACS Group has written a variety of websites and business applications that help manage and automate many aspects of the construction industry. Equipment and Project Scheduling, Invoicing, Yard Management, Cost Accounting, Lead and Customer Tracking are just a few of the application functions that have been written by ACS Group. From developing systems that help manage construction projects at The Boeing Company to tracking high end remodeling projects from start to finish, ACS Group has helped large and small construction companies better manage their critical business and customer information.

  • Retail and ECommerce

    Retail businesses face a number of challenges collecting, storing, processing and analyzing storewide information. Point of sale software must gather accurate transactional data while providing stores with the ability to access and integrate with corporate information. Retail corporate software must be able to support a variety of accounting and operational requirements including inventory management, pricing, purchasing, commissions, sales and product placement. Often times corporate reporting requires multiple levels, such as by store, district, region, and country, as well, as multiple measures, such as sales, profit, inventory, and product. ACS Group has developed applications for national as well as local retail chains. In particular, since ACS Group has developed applications for all segments of the supply channel, our consultants have first hand knowledge of product sales from manufacturing to direct sales.

  • Financial Services and Banking

    Banking and Financial services cover a wide spectrum of business activity that faces both the traditional challenges of "managing your money" as well as the new frontiers of Internet banking. ACS Group consultants and developers have assisted a nationwide savings and loan institution track bank fraud, help develop international money exchange and wire transfer service applications, automate leasing and asset tracking, develop a stock and brokerage account management system, as well as, provide IS development services to mortgage and loan servicing businesses.

    ACS Group helps bridge the gap between the ever changing world of IS technologies and the business requirements of today?s fast paced financial institutions and enterprises. Whether the business need requires mining financial and customer data for trends and key performance indicators, or converting died-in-the-wool spreadsheet users to database applications.

  • Health Care and Patient Management

    One of the biggest challenges for today?s health care providers and managers is to deliver cost effective health services while remaining competitive and current with the ever-changing business environment of healing the sick and promoting healthy lifestyles. From clinic management to integration with hospital information systems, ACS Group has designed and developed a variety of websites and applications that assist administrators, doctors and other health care personnel with the collection, management and analysis of patient and billing information. In particular, ACS Group consultants understand both the business and clinical aspects of designing and developing health care management systems having worked on a number of health care related projects.

  • Transportation

    The Transportation Industry is faced with a myriad of challenges when it comes to information management. ACS Group has provided a variety of solutions from automating the complex process of tracking and tracing international freight shipments to designing and implementing custom EDI solutions that comply with strict government shipment requirements. In particular, ACS Group has considerable expertise in developing applications for the Moving, Storage and Freight Forwarding industry with companies throughout the U.S. and overseas. On a more local level, ACS Group has designed and developed ride dispatching and billing systems for delivery and ambulance services, as well as, fleet management and maintenance.

  • Advertising and Marketing

    The shifting sands of advertising trends, media mergers, and Internet content delivery has helped keep the advertising industry from being anything other than boring. As advertising on the Internet becomes more and more mainstream, advertisers and marketing firms are finding that their information systems need to also become more and more a part of the Digital Ecosystems of Today. Customers with internal "data-aware" web applications likewise need advertisers who can work with and integrate into database systems that manage content, analyze usage, and measure impact. ACS Group can provide both internal and external systems for assisting advertising and marketing firms or departments with automation of their day-to-day operations, as well as, intra or internet solutions that allow them to link into both content and database systems. Past projects by ACS Group include: Website Redesigns, Developing a custom database application to manage sales and production of advertising catalogs; Ad production, tracking and accounting application for large retail chain; and Work order system linked between advertising firm and customer managing ad requests, estimating, scheduling, and tracking of ad requests.

  • Manufacturing

    For many of today's manufacturers, websites and information systems are critical to the success of both running and growing their operation. ACS Group has designed and developed a number of systems for small to medium sized manufacturers. These systems have ranged from specialized applications for tracking authorized returns to complete systems for the manufacture of sewn products. For example, ACS Group assisted a major chemical manufacturer division with the conversion their legacy system used to guide and monitor Color Plant operations to an to an easy-to-use Window?s based database application. In another instance, ACS Group consultants designed and developed an information system used to manage a manufacturing concern with both overseas and domestic production, as well as, distribution and catalog sales. ACS Group specializes in building Web based order entry systems that can be used by inside as well as outside sales force.

  • Education

    The recent national focus on Education has renewed interested in many aspects of tracking and managing student educational progress. ACS Group is on the cutting edge of the design and development of web sites and database applications used by School Districts and the largest contract educational service in the country. From attendance management to assessment score tracking, ACS Group has designed and delivered systems that assist teachers and administrators with the daily and district wide operation of education programs. ACS Group consultants understand the business requirements and analytical demands of both public and private primary and secondary educational programs.

  • Legal, Attorney, and Bail Bonds Services

    Legal firms have special needs that differ from other industries in terms of web and database application needs.  Legal information management  is more document than data intensive.  There is a strong need for document management, search and archive capabilities within law firms.  In terms of  web sites for law firms, internet marketing and search engine optimization for legal terms is key for getting relevant web traffic.   ACS Group has developed database applications for client and case tracking as well as document control.  ACS Group has development web sites and internet marketing programs for Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Business and General Law Practices.  ACS Group also has developed web sites for bail bonds agencies and understands their needs related to attracting and bringing in clients from their web sites.  Visit our web site portfolio for examples of our work in this area.

  • Professional Services

    From talent agencies, information technology, financial, consulting, accounting, legal, advertising and business service centers, ACS Group has written a wide variety of applications for companies that make a living at providing services. ACS Group consultants understand the demanding nature of today?s service industry and the need for customized web and information management solutions. Our consultants have both the accounting and operations business expertise to design a system, as well as, the database and technological skills that provide practical, proven solutions for complex service delivery requirements. Time and billing, activity and project management, scheduling and event management, contact and lead tracking are some of the many functions created by ACS Group developers in meeting the needs of service providers both big and small. In particular, we have the expertise to apply a variety of technologies involving both hardware and software on or off the web that allows service-based clients to maximize their use of critical business information.

  • Telecommunications

    In an ever-changing business landscape, telecommunication enterprises are faced with the challenge of both satisfying regulators and staying ahead of their competition in newly deregulated service arenas. Information systems that are built for this industry must be able to handle current demands for running an efficient and effective business operation as well as dynamic enough to handle the stresses and strains of mergers, acquisitions, regulatory and technological changes. ACS Group developers have written a variety of websites and applications from tracking cell phone sites to tax accounting for a multi-state, multi-company telecommunication enterprise. ACS Group Internet engineers have designed and developed a variety of Web and LAN based order entry and corporate reporting applications, as well as, front facing website makeovers and redesigns using CMS technologies.

  • Agriculture

    The agricultural industry represents a wide variety of business operations within the United States. From growing and managing of farm products to packaging and distribution, the information management requirements of agri-related businesses are very diverse. ACS Group has provided database engineering, Programming and web application development services to meet the often-complex requirements of agri-business. With business functions such as timekeeping and employee payroll to the complex business of seed production and management, ACS Group has worked with local and national agricultural concerns to design and develop applications that will provide cost effective solutions to their information system needs.

  • Government, Non-Profit, and Public Services

    In many ways, developing applications for government organizations requires the same if not greater sophistication than the private sector regarding the use and implementation of business rules. From loan processing to weather forecasting, government organizations are involved in a wide variety of information management activities. ACS Group database experts have written over 50 tracking applications for a variety of governmental organizations. From Housing Authorities, Employment Agencies, Archive Record Center, County Permits and Planning to National Water Quality Programs, ACS Group has provided database and application development expertise to assist government agencies in meeting their goals and objectives. In particular, ACS Group engineers have been instrumental in helping various governmental agencies move legacy systems to Intranet or Internet based applications that utilize Web and OLAP technologies in the tracking, management and analysis of key business information.


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