Redesign LDI Web Site and SEO

Posted On September 25th, 2014 by Ken Mozlowski

LDI is a 14 year old Executive Coaching firm serving the Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area specializing in developing leadership skills in leaders at all levels.

LDI contacted ACS Group regarding a need to create a new design and look for their company web site that better reflected the skills and capabilities of this professional consulting firm.  Their current site was busy and content was not well organized. 

Working with the principals of LDI, ACS Group developed a design more in line with their target audience: executives and managers of growing and dynamic corporations in the healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing and software industries in search for ways to improve their leadership skills and build more effiective teams within their companies.  LDI wanted a site they could edit and also display properly on mobile devices.  ACS Group created a customized theme in Wordpress that also incorporated the use of responsive design making it mobile-ready.

LDI also wanted to improve their search engine visibility and make better use of their content on Leadership, Team Building and Executive Coaching.  ACS Group put together an SEO Plan with both on and off page optimization to insure that their new site would not just look much improved but also bring in greater number of visitors to their site appropriate and interested in their services.


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