The Secret of SEO - 3 C's

Posted On August 01st, 2014 by admin

Anyone with an email account today gets a barrage of emails offering instant ranking on the top search engines.  Most emails can be eliminated at first glance because they are sent from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts with no company website that you can visit to evaluate their claims.  Those are the easy ones to toss into the spam bucket.

Then there are the offers that actually show results and maybe even some innovative search engine ranking methodology that looks impressive.  Often times they make "no risk" guarantees for ranking where you don't pay unless they perform.  These are probably the more dangerous of the two.  The reason being is that on the surface everything checks out as legit.  The problem is that the only way these services can deliver on their promises is that they need to control what keywords are included in their pay for performance agreement with clients.

What that means is that they optimize web sites for keywords that are most likely to achieve top rankings versus selecting and optimizing for keywords that will bring in traffic that will turn into revenue for your company.  So you are paying for search listings that bring in little to no traffic with low to non-existent conversion rates.  In either case, neither wants to tell you the truth that real SEO results take time with a game plan that allows precise fine-tuning based on actual results.   

At SEO Panda we have been doing SEO with great results for the past five years and the secret to SEO is the 3 C's:  Careful, Consistent, and Comprehensive. First careful analysis and selection of keywords must be done both pre and post web site development and deployment.  SEO efforts must then be consistently applied over time.  Typically six to twelve months to set a solid foundation.  One shot SEO may take care of some glaring deficiencies in your site but results if any you achieve will quickly fade as lack of follow-up and fine-tuning accumulate over time to sink your listings beyond the view of your searchers.  Finally, careful planning with consistent effort must be part of a comprehensive, integrated SEO methodology that includes link building, content production, social media, articles, on-page optimization and web analytics that tie into to your SEO Reporting so that you can measure and track the goals for your web site.

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