Director of Marketing Discovery Place

We chose SEO Panda after a thorough search for vendors who were proficient in SEO for both Wordpress and Drupal . Even though the ACS contact we chose to work with , Ken Mozlowski, was located in Seattle, Washington  and we were in Nashville, Tennessee ,we went  with Ken and the ACS Group.  They were clearly the best  choice because they  had a  record of long term performance and received great reviews from others.

ACS  has delivered exactly what they said they would. Moreover, Ken has  marketing Savvy .When we told him we wanted to dominate a certain small set of keywords in the 22 state east of the Rockies, he knew exactly what we wanted, and without a lot of  back and forth,  he set up the methodology and the reporting. ACS has  delivered both the results and the reports they promised on time every month. We are very satisfied  with ACS Group  and SEO Panda.   As we say down here in Nashville, they really help us “Get Er Done”.

- by Jim Thaden, Director of Marketing Discovery Place