Orange County Rehab

"I am the CEO of Orange County Detox with revenues in excess of one million dollars per year. Competition is fierce and the economy has been a great burden as of late. The reason I am writing this is to express my appreciation to Ken M. and Delphine F. for their outstanding work in helping our corporation maintain its competitiveness. I believe we are one of the few companies within my industry that showed a profit this year. I can hardly believe it. I had many ideas about what to do and Ken showed the patience of a scientist. Ken explained the flaws in my strategy and I begrudgingly let him show me the way. Well the results speak for themselves. I maintained profitability despite the worst economy in years. Their website designs are beautiful and professional looking. The SEO work is so good my competitors are watching me for a change. It’s nice when you can run a business without worrying how to get the business. I don’t know how I found ACS Group but I am glad I did."

- by CEO, Orange County Rehab