Publisher Archiving Early America

"Two months ago I was working directly with Ken M., Project Manager of the ACS Group, on a much-needed SEO problem for my website. A couple of weeks into that project I received an email from Google claiming that my website was in violation of their policies. Ken felt that we should immediately go to work on resolving Google's claim....and of course I agreed. In the process I was introduced to a world I never knew existed. A landscape of helpful devices residing in cyberspace. Ken was very familiar with these....and used them to great value. Bottom line: An appeal was created, an indepth study that uncovered the real source of the violations. Once the appeal was presented, Google smiled at us with favor. And, yes, it restored the ads to our website and congratulated us on our submission. This was one nightmare that had a happy ending. I might add that Ken is the quintessential professional. His meticulous detailing of the issues-- plagiarism, copyright laws, ownership of personal property--resolved the problem of 'scraped content'. 

I was fortunate and thankful in having Ken handle this problem and resolve it. "

- by Don Vitale, Publisher Archiving Early America