Word Press Web Sites

Posted On August 01st, 2014 by admin

Many potential clients come to us with sites they have done using Wordpress.  Wordpress which was designed and developed as blogging software has now become the software du jour for building small and medium businesses to develop their company web sites.  Is this a good idea?  In a word, NO.  Wordpress is blogging software not web site development software.  It does a great job at letting you quickly create a blog that supports your web site.  However, the purpose of a blog is to support your web site not replace it.  Wordprss does not provide a complete and robust platform that is needed for efficient and effective web site design and development.

And to make matters worse Wordpress is database driven so that once you spend all of your precious time and money creating the content for your site in Wordpress it is now locked up in a database that cannot be easily converted to html or optimized for search engines.  As with other tools of this nature, much effort has been spent creating add-ins and plug-ins to compensate for it’s inherit weaknesses, such as for SEO.  These extensions of the software allow you to get so far but do not give you full control over all aspects of your site which you really need to have a fully functional and optimized web site.

To make an analogy, it's kind of like the hobbyist car enthusiast that buys a kit to build that special car to add to his or her collection.  The kits often provide just about all you need to create the car of your dreams.  But take that car out on the road or enter it in a road race under real driving conditions and it pretty much falls apart within a short amount of time due to wear and tear.  If you need a web site for your company or organization that needs to exist in real world to win business and earn revenue, find an experienced, professional web site design and development firm that helps you wins the WWW race.