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Search Engine Optimization

Are you satisfied with the quantity and quality of visitor traffic and results from your investment in the web? If not, then you may want to consider getting a free SEO and Internet Marketing evaluation from ACS Group.

SEO is the process of analyzing and then optimizing all aspects of your web presence on the internet to improve and increase the number of visitors and customers for your business.

Over the past ten years, ACS Group has developed a proprietary SEO Program called SERG to the TOP which incorporates on-site, off-site, tracking, analytics, link building and social media development to improve and increase results and bottom line for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, to name a few.  Are you taking advantage of what Social Media can do for your business?

The fact is that just having a social media presence, which to many means having a page or profile, doesnt mean you are going to achieve results with your social media efforts.  Each business has a unique target audience and needs to understand how they use social media as it applies to their business.  We help you map your social media ecosystem and determine where and how to reach your audience.

Content and Link Building

The content on your site can affect your conversion rates and search engine rankings. Visitors scan your content looking for information to learn more about your company, services and products.  Likewise, Search engines scan and then index your content and then rank for search results based on internal and external factors.

One of those key factors, and perhaps the most important, relate to the internal and external links that reflect the authority of your content. We understand the importance of content and links and can assist in making sure your content works for both your target audience and the ranking of your site.  


PPC Paid Advertising

Sometimes getting seen means paid advertising.  Depending on  your current visibility and SEO, it may be best to spend some of your SEO budget on pay per click or ppc ads.  ACS Group will review your current PPC or build a new campaign based on keyword and competitor analysis.

We will then monitor and fine tune your campaign to find the optimum combination of conversion and cost. PPC can also provide valuable information that can be used for SEO of your site in terms of which keywords, landing pages and messages provide the best results.


Local SEO

If you are local business, your main concern in building your web site is reaching those in your service area.  Building a great looking web site that does not get seen by your customers might impress your friends and family but does nothing for your bottom line.  We are Local SEO experts. We analyze your target market in your local area and provide you with an SEO Plan that gets you in front of those looking for your goods or services.